Fall Fishing In Myrtle Beach: What You Can Expect To Catch

Fall fishing along the Grand Strand is our favorite time of the year to cast a line out into the water. The sun isn’t beating down on your head relentlessly for hours on end, there are cool breezes and the fish are hungry! There are a few fish in particular that you have a better chance of catching than others during this time of the year, so we will let you know what those are.


In the fall, tarpon travel back south through the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As they migrate, they will cruise the beaches closely behind the mullet!


Late fall brings cooler temperatures to the area, which in turn brings cooler water temperatures which effect the behavior of plans and animals. Massive Bull Reds, ranging from 30″ to over 5 feet can be caught offshore and are extremely fun to reel in.

Speckled Sea Trout

In South Carolina, sea trout congregate in the cooler months, which make them easy targets for anglers such as ourselves with tons of local knowledge. These fish LOVE live shrimp.

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