Ship Store

The Marlin Quay Ship Store is a must-stop for anyone before they head out on the water.

Located right in the marina a few steps up from our boat fuel station, The Ship Store is your one-stop destination. Not only do we have high volume diesel and gas pumps, but we also provide Wifi access to ensure you stay connected. If you’ve had a long day out, feel free to freshen up in our clean restrooms, equipped with a convenient on-site shower.

You’ll find on our shelves basic grocery items, snacks and munchies for your boat picnic; a variety of sodas, water and juice selections; wine and beer; bags (and bulk-size bags) of ice; bait for inshore and offshore fishing; tackle; popular outdoors apparel and merchandise; charcoal and lighters; cigarettes and so much more. We also offer clean restrooms inside and outdoor seating along our deck, where you can rest for a bit, refuel with a cold beverage and take in the pretty views from the marina.

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