Inshore Fishing Charters

One of our more popular packages, the Marlin Quay Inshore Fishing Charter will guide you and your crew (a six-person max) in and around the Inlet creeks and jetties for a fun, four- or five-hour trip to reel in some regular residents in these parts, like flounder, trout, red fish, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, black drum, sharks, sting rays and more.

Our inshore fishing charter boats are bay, center console-style boats, ranging from 22-26 feet long. Once you’re aboard, expect to head out no more than a few miles off the coast into waters that are up to 30 meters deep. We’ll supply all the necessary fishing gear (Rod and Reel and all the tackle and bait needed), you just need to bring the positive sportsman attitude.

Inshore fishing calls for low or high tide flats, where inshore schools of redfish feed in water less than 2 feet deep, or moving tides when the fish are swimming through grass and oyster edges. Our pros will be able to easily spot them – even in the cloudy, warmer water over the summer. They know all the tricks and signs in the water that will yield more fish for you, such as V-shaped wakes, jumping minnows and shrimp trying to escape being eaten. At high tide in deeper waters, inshore fish spread out and become harder to track but allows us to get way back in the shallow flats to find the fish.

You can choose to meet us at Marlin Quay Marina for an Inshore Fishing Charter at either 7 a.m. or 1 p.m. After our successful fishing trip, we’ll head back to Marlin Quay Marina, which is about a 10-minute cruise.

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