Shark Fishing Charters

That’s right, we offer shark fishing! The adrenaline-pumping Marlin Quay Shark Fishing expedition hunts for these predators either around the jetties at the mouth of the inlet or 15-20 miles offshore on either half-day or full-day charters.

Never fear (or maybe so), there’s a large population of sharks in our waters, so anglers usually don’t have to wait long until there’s a shark on their lines. Expect to take on these species of sharks during your trip: Atlantic sharp-nosed, bonnethead, bull, lemon, black tip, hammerhead, tiger, nurse and more. Most times, we will release the sharks that are caught for sport, so we carefully handle and treat in the best interest of those sharks we reel in near the boat. Our shark experts will guide you on the laws on catching and keeping the three species of sharks that are good to eat. We will even clean the shark for you for an affordable fee.

Go ahead, bring the entire family – and bring a camera to capture some once-in-a-lifetime moments. The trip’s light tackle action doesn’t require any heavy-duty experience, so the kids (ages 6 and up) are welcome to join your crew. Imagine your kids going home with more than a shark’s tooth necklace from a souvenir shop, but with a pic of an actual shark catch. This is quality family time at an all-new level, combining physical activity, education and adventure!

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