What To Expect When Booking A Fishing Charter

Aside from setting the hook and reeling in a big one, there are a few things our team here at Marlin Quay Marina thinks you’d benefit from knowing before you set off on your charter! The weather is hot and is always changing – so being prepared is a must, especially on the water! Here are a few things our team wants you to know! 

Layer Up!

It doesn’t matter how the forecast looks when you arrive, the weather can always change when you’re on the water. We suggest wearing your swimsuit under your clothes (there’s always a chance you could get wet), along with clothes that can protect you from the sun (many people choose to wear dry wicking long sleeve shirts). It could get cool depending on the weather, so having extra layers will help. 


It’s almost impossible to spend time out on the water without sunglasses. The glare off the water is strong and can cause some serious eye problems if you decide to tough it out without sunglasses. Don’t worry if you forget yours at home, we’ve got plenty in our shop at the marina! 

Be Ready To Learn

All of our fishing charters are perfect for beginners and pros! When you finally arrive at the fishing spot, our captain will teach you how to work your rod and reel and can answer any questions you may have! 

Sea Sickness Is Completely Normal

Many people experience nausea when on the water for hours at a time. If you start to feel like you’re getting sea sick, drink some water and look at the horizon. Doing so will help your eyes “see” the motion, which sends signals to the brain to help it get more aligned with what the inner ear is “telling” the brain

Whether this is your first fishing trip or 100th, our team here at Marlin Quay Marina is here to help you any way we can! It’s our top priority to make sure everyone has a great time out on the water! If you forget anything, our marina shop has everything you could ever need out on the water! Ready to book your next charter? Click here to view the ones we offer!

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