What To Bring On A Sunset Cruise 

With the heat of the summer finally gone and cooler weather on the horizon, fall along the Grand Strand is the perfect time to enjoy a sunset cruise! Now, before you get on your way to enjoying a 1-hour sunset cruise around the Inlet, our team here at Marlin Quay Marina is here to tell you a few things you should bring to make your sunset cruise experience more enjoyable! 


A must-have for any outing along the Grand Strand! There’s nothing worse than having to squint your eyes the entire duration of the cruise! Don’t worry if you forgot yours, our Ship Store has everything you need for a perfect afternoon on the water! 


This depends on if you like having the salty air running through your hair or not. Either way, the wind will be blowing and we know many people like to have something to wear just in case. 

Light Jacket

When the sun goes down on the water, you might get a bit chilly so a light jacket (or long sleeves) is nice to have. 


That’s right! We saved the best for last! Coolers are permitted on our sunset cruises so stock up on all your favorite beer, wine, soft drinks, snacks, etc. from our Ship Store! 

Along with these suggested items, you will want to have your phone or a camera to capture pictures of your unforgettable sunset cruise! Don’t worry if you happen to forget anything at the last minute, we carry everything you could ever want or need while on the water at our Marlin Quay Marina Ship Store! Whether you’re interested in booking a sunset cruise or private fishing charter, our crew here at Marlin Quay Marina is here to help you have an unforgettable time out on the water! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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