The Best Times of The Year To Go Deep Sea Fishing In Myrtle Beach

Going on a deep sea fishing trip  in Myrtle Beach can be quite an adventure! Every time out is a different experience. Whether you are hitting the high seas with the boys or staying inshore with the family, we want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. That’s why we are here today to provide the best times of the year to do deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach!

Winter Into Spring

The best time to hang out in Myrtle Beach is the Spring. It’s not too hot, not too cold and the fish are biting! If you are looking to reel in a lunker, bluefin tuna start hitting lines as Winter turns into Spring. These beautiful fish weigh in anywhere from 300 to 1,000 pounds and put up one heck of a fight! There’s nothing quite like a day out on the water, throwing back beers with your friends, reeling in one of these bad boys and then cooking up the filets on the grill…is it Spring yet?!

Spring Into Summer

The peak season to catch fish is right around May and June as the summer begins to heat up. During this time of the year, our boats catch blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahi, Spanish mackerel and king mackerel. Of course these are all caught on our offshore trips, but our inshore ones will reel in plenty of flounder and redfish.

The Summer Months

During the heat of the summer, fishing along the Grand Strand is still promising. If you enjoy catching and eating mahi and Spanish mackerel, this is the time of year to hit the open water. Keep in mind that our captains not only bait your hooks and find the perfect spots to help you catch fish, but they will also filet and prepare your catches for the grill for you!

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