Summertime Fishing Along The Grand Strand

The summer months in the Lowcountry, South Carolina are extremely hot, with temperatures ranging between 85-95 degrees during the day. Most people wanting to cool off will go swimming at one of the many local beaches or lakes. The beaches here are some of the most stunning in all of America.

Fishing is always good for some fishy fun, but I’d say peak fishing season is between July and August. The redfish eat especially well during these months, because there are so many shrimp and baitfish in the water. Plus, the heat makes it hard for them to expend much energy during the day, so they feed more heavily at night. In addition to this, trout will be biting as well. Some mornings can be quite warm, but if you get out early enough before the sun comes up, you can beat some of the heat and enjoy a sunrise on the water before heading home for breakfast.

Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the Lowcountry. When fly fishing for redfish, we are out there on the early morning low tides for small schools of fish. These fish cruise along the flats and it is really fun chasing bait and letting the redfish see your fly!

Light tackle fishing is very productive in the summer months. There are many different species that can be caught, some of them being redfish, trout, flounder, lady fish, blue fish, jack cravelle and tarpon. Other species like triple tail and sharks can be caught during these months as well. During light tackle season (May – September) there’s really no bad day of fishing.

Family fishing is a great summertime activity that can be done at many different spots in the Lowcountry. Bringing your kid(s) out fishing with you will create memories that will last a lifetime. Catching multiple species of fish, dolphins feeding and sea turtles swimming are just some of the benefits to this fun filled outing.

The summer means warm weather and sunny days, but it can also mean extreme conditions for fishing. Whether you are on the water in your boat or a kayak, taking the time to properly prepare for hot weather conditions is important to your safety. The heat of the day can catch up to you very fast, so having water and ice on the boat is very important to stay hydrated. Sun protection is also very important; I recommend 50SPF sun lotions, long sleeve shirts, hats, sunglasses and a buff for every day anglers. Watching the weather in the summer is also very important do to a lot of afternoon thunderstorms. You never want to be caught in the middle of a lightning storm or hazardous conditions that can cause you to lose vision on the water and make them unsafe for fishing.

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