Going Fishing In January? Here Are The Species You May Catch!

January may be cold but it does offer the clearest water of the year. The north end of the Grand Strand is known for its clear water during this month resulting in sight-fishing. Redfish are typically grouped up in large winter schools making them easy to be spotted, enticing them with fresh cut shrimp on the line. Along the Intracoastal Waterway, black drum fish can be caught near shrimp fished docks and ledges. With the temperatures in the upper 40s, troutcontinue to bite through the month. You can find them in shallow flats, sometimes mixed in with redfish schools.

In the south end of the Grand Strand, when temperatures are lower than 52, trout will disappear but you can still find redfish and black drum in creek-like areas. You may even be able to see these fish in the clear waters but they will be hard to feed since the winter time is when they do not need to eat every day and may be sleeping. To combat this, you could lure in redfish with artificial lures and black drum fish with fresh cut shrimp.

For January’s best bite, stay near the shore when fishing. Black Sea Bass and Sheepshead will be the closest they ever are to the shore, (or shipwrecks) as this is the season they are spawning. They feed more, eating a large amount of crustaceans to support them during their spawning time.

Don’t let the colder temperatures scare you away from your catch of the day! There is still plenty of opportunity for fishing along the entire Grand Strand.  With these conditions and the habits of the wildlife, January could be your clearest, biggest catch yet!

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