Benefits of Booking A Fishing Charter Trip

Fishing is a great way to relax and unwind. Sometimes getting out on the water is the perfect way to spend some time away to focus on something fun. Heading out on a charter will give you access to areas that aren’t always open to individuals and providing opportunities that aren’t limited by weather conditions. Thinking about booking a charter with Marlin Quay? Here are 5 benefits of booking a fishing charter trip with us!

A Guide on the Water

If you have ever wanted to go fishing but don’t know where, who or what to catch, fishing with a charter is definitely the way to go. With professional captains and crew members ready to help you out, all you have to do is sit back and relax while you wait for the big one!

Learn Helpful Tricks for Veterans and Beginners

Your guide is there to teach you anything you want to learn about fishing. Whether you want to experiment with your skills or figure out a new technique for casting the line, they are there to help. It is also a great way to teach beginners to tricks of the trade for future trips without the hassle of having to worry about other factors.

Equipment Included

Score an awesome catch on your fishing charter. Everything you need to have a great time fishing is included, including rods, bait and tackle equipment, knowledgeable captains, and plenty of fuel for the long ride out. Just bring along a few cold drinks and snacks, and you’re good to go – we even include the ice!

New Experiences

As fishermen, we know that every trip out on the water is a new adventure. With a charter, you can explore new waters with confidence and your crew will be able to guide you along those new fishing territories.


Things are all about you on this fishing adventure. You can sit back and relax, not even having to worry about fighting the current! You’ll get to check out the beautiful Myrtle Beach waters in all their glory, as well as enjoy amenities the company of friends and just focus on your experience. With these options at your disposal, you can be sure that this trip is all about relaxation and fun.

Now that you know the benefits of booking a fishing charter trip, look no further! Our crew at Marlin Quay is excited to take you and your family out on a charter fishing trip. Our captains know the waters of Myrtle Beach well and will show you all the best places to catch what you desire. Book your trip with us at 843. 651. 4444 or book your charter trip with us online!

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